Abdul Wahab's Success Story

Abdul Wahab's Success Story

Assalam-o-Alaikum, Welcome to Xee Creative's, my name is Abdul Wahab, I am a full-time freelancer at www.fiverr.com and the Founder of Xee Creative's IT Training Academy.

Today I will be sharing with you how I developed a successful Freelancing business on Fiverr and earn $3000USD+ (500,000PKR+) monthly on a regular basis.

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29 years ago, I was born in Verowal, a backward village of Lalamusa, went to school, college and university like every normal person do, with the same poor job-oriented mindset, where I would be working 9-5 for some local or multinational company as a Telecom Engineer and earning a salary that would hardly meet mine or my family expenses.

But Allah Almighty had different plans for me, back in 2016 while I was at the brink of completing my graduation, I met the God sent Angel Sir Humayun Shahid (our university professor), he motivated all the batch to learn Digital Skills and do things like Freelancing or eBusinesses to face the unemployment situation everyone is facing in Pakistan.

I had never heard of Fiverr and Upwork before that, neither do I had plans to become a Freelancer but the motivation of my hero Sir Humayun Shahid put me on the track to make money online without having to work for anyone.

So I started learning Web Development on my own, It took me 6 months to learn only the basics of web development, the learning journey was pretty tough, I was spending time, money, putting hard efforts and sacrificing my night sleeps to learn something new to help me achieve the financial freedom that Humayun Sir said we can achieve.

I was unconsciously walking on the path Allah Almighty laid out for me and the path that Humayun Sir showed me back in 2016 and honestly I never knew that this path will take me to a Dollar πŸ’΅ Mine.

Soon after I learned basics of Web development and eCommerce a universaty fellow told me to start a Fiverr account and utilitize the knowledge I have gained to make money online.

The planning of Allah Almighty dominated my planning and the plans of my father, I started Freelancing on Fiverr under hesitation and the fear of failure, "or akhir meri qismat ka sitara chamka or 10 August 2016 ki rat 2:55am pr mjhy Fiverr pr 55$ ka phla order mil gya. πŸŽ‰"

I spent days and nights to complete the job on Fiverr and earned only $55USD (tb Dolla 98 rupy ka tha) in my first month on Fiverr but I was so happy about it that I can't explain my emotions here.

After that day money πŸ’° started to attract towards me and I kept on growing my income on Fiverr while my peers were busy submitting CVs to different companies for a worthless job.

Soon after the graduation, I opened an office in a junkyard and started building the team for scaling my business on Fiverr, "Allah Pak ko meri kamyabi manzor thi or Alhamdulillah rasty ki tamam mushkilat khud ba khud solve hoti rhen" and with the grace of Allah Almighty I was able to grow my business to next level, or 3 saal ki hard work k bad mera aik bhtreen office bhi bn gya and I was able to build a team of 60+ business partners and employees.

A Video of My Team Working on Freelancing Business Development.

Today I have partnerships with 25+ Software Houses in District Gujrat, and 20+ business partners working with me in my office to scale Freelancing Businesses on Fiverr and Upwork, my team also consist of 35+ project managers who help us complete all the projects we receive on Fiverr and Upwork.

With the grace of Allah Almighty, the prayers of my parents and the hardwork of my mentor Humayun Sir, I am a living success example for 100s of my partners.

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