Ready Made Shopify Dropshipping Stores

Establish a worthy e-Commerce business with our Ready Made Shopify Stores Today.

We have a huge collection of trending niche based shopify stores with 100% automation to Ali Express suppliers via Oberlo app so let us help you start your online business in a matter of hours.

What are Ready Made Shopify Stores?

Ready Made Shopify Stores is an innovative way to get everything you need to start your online shopify business within no-time.

Let's first understand what this is all about, assume that you are interested in starting a Shopify Dropshipping Niche Store with Pet Products and you are planning to hire a Free-lancer or a web-agency to do the job for you or you don't even know where to start the process.

This is where Xee Creative's will play its role, we have already developed the most popular and trending niche stores such as Pet niche store, Jewelry niche store and many other niche stores for sale.

All you need to do is to buy the niche store of your choice/interest from our huge collection and get ready start selling in a matter of hours.

Why should I buy a Ready Made Shopify Store instead of starting from scratch?

Our Ready Made Shopify Stores are created by the eCommerce Experts based on 3 important goals: 

  1. Only Load a Product That Will Sell Well
  2. Design a Unique Store That Converts Visitors
  3. Create Advanced Sales and Checkout Funnels That Lead To Conversions

So whenever you hire a Free-lancer or a web-agency to build a specific niche store from scratch, you will also have the above mentioned goals.

Long story short, whenever an entrepreneur like you decides to start a dropshipping store, there are these 3 major goals everyone have in mind:

  1. Only Load a Product That Will Sell Well
  2. Design a Unique Store That Converts Visitors
  3. Create Advanced Sales and Checkout Funnels That Lead To Conversions

And our team develops professional Shopify Stores by keeping a keen eye on these important goals.

So whenever you buy a store from us you enjoy the following perks:

  • Carefully handpicked products with proven engagement history on social media.
  • Carefully written product descriptions for all store products to help with conversions.
  • One product video for each product (embedded from YouTube).
  • Facebook Target Audience for Every Product.
  • Good Profit Margins Based on Market Trends.
  • Sales Boosting Features on All Product Pages.
  • Beautiful Shopify Theme with Full Setup.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Start Creating Ads and Start Making Sales after Purchasing the Store

How does it work? 

  • Visit our Ready Made Stores Collection.
  • Select a Niche Store You Want to Buy.
  • Purchase the Niche Store of Your Choice.
  • Tell us the Business Name for the Niche Store via Email or Messenger after Purchase.
  • We will Create a Logo for Your Business and Upload it to the Store.
  • After that, You will Get Instructions to Become the Owner of the Store.
  • As soon as you become the owner, you will be prompted to buy 29$/mo Shopify Subscription and buy a domain name for your business for 9.99$/yr
  • Note: You will be given instructions via email on how to manage and effectively run your store. 

Investment Analysis:

When you purchase a Ready Made store from Xee Creative's, you will be investing a total of:

Initial Investment:
Shopify Niche Store Cost: = 125$/one time fee
Domain Registration Cost = 9.99$/year

Total Initial Investment= 135$ Only

Recurring Investment:
Shopify Subscription Cost:  = 29$/month ongoing.

Step 1: Build Business Audience at the Rate of 3$/day = 90$/month for first 2 months
Step 2: Remarket to the built audience at the Rate of 3$/day =  90$/month on going

Total Recurring Investment= 119$ Only

Expected Results: The results depends upon the quality of your ad campaigns and re-marketing ads.

Give yourself a head start today and get ready to start selling online with complete peace of mind.

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