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With 45% of the global population now using social media, online retailers have a huge opportunity to speak to and engage with their audience through organic social, and influencer marketing. Over half of browsers use social media to research products which means social is no longer just about conversation: it’s a valuable channel for customer engagement and a key way to increase loyalty and retention.

Xee Creative's - What is Organic Social?

What Is Organic Social?

Using the free services and tools made available by social media platforms to its users, organic social media strategies are used to build a community of loyal followers and customers. How? By posting relevant, valuable content, and interacting with those who engage with your brand.

Xee Creative's - Approach to Organic Social

Xee Creative's Approach To Organic Social

Our approach to social media marketing puts the understanding of your brand and its goals at the heart of what we do, making sure that we post engaging content that represents you, visually and tonally.

Working collaboratively, we create and manage your organic social strategy in a way that truly connects with your audience and builds a positive brand perception.

We have helped global online retailers, working with them to define their social media marketing strategies, implement campaigns and achieve their goals.

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Performance-Driven Social Media Management

Whether you’re a new brand with a fledgling audience, or have large amounts of existing customer information, we use our expertise to put that information to work and create content that inspires, turning fans into brand advocates.

We collaborate with you to create powerful content that reinforces your brand’s visual language and tone of voice across the platforms where your audience spend their digital lives.

With clear, jargon-free monthly reports, we provide insights into the key metrics that matter most, from audience growth to engagement or clicks.

Whatever stage your organic social media strategy is currently at, Xee Creative's can help you engage with and grow your audience online. Why not contact us today to speak to one of our specialists and find out how we could help?