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This course will enable you to become familiar with Amazon as a Virtual Assistant.

In contrast to other short freelancing courses, this program is termed as Virtual Assistant for Amazon. Trainees will be learning the ways of being a Virtual Assistant for Amazon to take projects from customers and working from home as per customer’s requirement. The trainee will be able to deal with all the administration and customer support related to Amazon as well as able to find a product and launch in the marketplace.

You will learn:

  • Manage an Amazon Account.
  • Understand the use of different data research tools for Product Research and Product Sourcing for Amazon.
  • Order Fulfillment tasks starting from Inventory replenishment to shipping FBM orders to customers.
  • Providing customer service for Amazon Customers on client’s behalf and handling Returns, Refunds.
  • Management of an Amazon Listing from inception to optimization.
  • Advertisement campaign Management for Amazon (PPC).
  • Product Launch and Ranking
  • Working on Upwork and Fiverr as Amazon Virtual Assistant.

Course Outcome:

  • Start a profitable Project Catalog on Fiverr & Upwork and get your first order in 30 days.

Duration: 2 Months

Lectures and Schedule: 45 Minutes Class & 45 Minutes Lab Practice