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Linkedin Advertising from beginner to advanced!

In this course, you will learn Linkedin Advertising from beginner level to advanced! We delve deep into EVERY aspect of Linkedin Advertising and the Linkedin Ads Manager. We will teach you how to use and optimize every type of Linkedin Ad campaign, Linkedin custom audiences, Linkedin Conversion Tracking etc, all things you will learn about Linkedin Ads are truly amazing and will instantly help advance your skills and help you start a Linkedin Advertising Business on Fiverr and Upwork without any hurdles.

You will learn:
  • Linkedin Advertising Overview
  • Linkedin Ads Account Overview
  • Creation of Linkedin Ads account
  • Complete Setup and Understanding of Linkedin Ads account
  • Understanding Linkedin Conversion Tracking and Conversion Events
  • Setup and Installation of Conversion Tracking and Events
  • Understanding Audiences
  • Understanding Custom Audiences
  • All Type of Ad Campaigns Setup (Given Linkedin Campaign Objectives)
  • Ad Groups Understanding
  • Ad Sets Understanding
  • Remarketing Ads Setup
  • Optimization of Ads
  • Ad Campaigns Scaling Rules
  • Ad Creatives Creation Guidelines
  • and much more.

Course Outcome:

  • Start your own Linkedin Advertising Agency
  • Start your Freelancing Business on Fiverr and Upwork

Earning Expectations:
You can earn 500$ - 1500$ after taking this course by implementing our proven strategies in to field.

Duration: 1 Month

Lectures and Schedule: 45 Minutes Class & 45 Minutes Lab Practice.