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We’re distinguished Shopify experts, with over 1500 Shopify sites built, we provide strategic advice and Shopify expertise with a consultative approach, to help our clients realise their goals through superior Shopify stores, strategies and applications.
We specialize in creating splendid Shopify Plus Websites, Fully Automated Shopify Drop-shipping Stores, Custom Shopify Themes, and Virtual Assistant services.

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Why we’re Shopify experts

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    Building highly splendid & successful Shopify Websites since 2018.

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    A 50-strong team of specialists across UX, design, development, marketing and client services.

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    Over 1500 Shopify ecommerce websites built in just 4 years & counting...

Our Shopify Solutions

Xee Creative's - Shopify Design and Development

Shopify Design and Development

We’re Shopify experts, and have designed and developed over 1500 Shopify websites for startups and established businesses. We create the best online experiences that captivate customers with engaging journeys from the moment they arrive on your site, to when they make a purchase.

Xee Creative's - Shopify Advertising & Marketing

Shopify Advertising & Marketing

Before we consider creating ads or campaigns, we work with our clients to get to the core of what they do, the very essence of their business. We use that information combined with our Shopify expertise to build an overarching strategy that not only drives results, but represents the brand precisely - that can help scale your efforts while maintaining a strong ROI.

Xee Creative's - Migrating to Shopify

Migrating to Shopify

Moving your online business from one ecommerce platform to another can feel like an overwhelming project. But with Xee Creative's managing your Shopify migration, you don’t need to worry - we’re the experts and will take care of everything.

Xee Creative's - Custom Shopify Theme Development

Custom Shopify Theme Development

Our Shopify development team is able to quickly adapt to the specific needs and challenges of our clients', ready to share experience to help the business grow further, focused on both process and results, so that the end result is achieved within time and budget.

Who we work with

Check out some of the clients we’ve worked with recently, including platform migrations, full web builds, web design projects and results-driven marketing strategies.

Meet Our Shopify Experts Team

In the past 4 years, we've assembled a team of over 50 Shopify experts.

  • Xee Creative's - Team - Abdul Wahab (CEO & Founder)

    Abdul Wahab

    CEO & Founder

  • Xee Creative's - Team - Kamran Sohail (Chief Operating Officer)

    Kamran Sohail

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Xee Creative's - Team - Ahmad Zaman (Office Manager)

    Ahmad Zaman

    Office Manager

  • Xee Creative's - Team - Umer Ehsan (Business Growth Manager)

    Umer Ehsan

    Business Growth Manager

  • Xee Creative's - Team - Hamza Shahbaz (Head of Marketing)

    Hamza Shahbaz

    Head of Marketing

  • Xee Creative's - Team - Sufiyan Bin Tariq (Senior Project Manager)

    Sufiyan Bin Tariq

    Senior Project Manager

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What are the timeframes for launching a Shopify website?

If you choose Xee Creative's for your build, your dedicated project team will provide a timeframe for delivery including key milestones as part of your project’s roadmap. Every website build is different and has many variables: a bespoke build on Shopify Plus, vs a theme build on Shopify or a migration from another ecommerce platform all have different levels of complexity and requirements.

Each project’s timeframe is unique to the project itself. What we will say is that once we have agreed the delivery dates, we communicate progress transparently and regularly throughout the project via regular email/calls with your dedicated team.

How much does it cost to build a Shopify website?

This very much depends on the project - our consultative approach means that we discuss the needs of each client individually to determine the best approach.

Our business development team will scope the project with you to understand your requirements, and agree on the investment required.

What other services does Xee Creative's offer?

We don’t only build websites! As well as designing and developing Shopify and Shopify Plus sites, our 50-strong team specialises in all areas of ecommerce: from brand creation, UX and UI design to marketing and advertising strategy.

We also develop Shopify apps, provide virtual assistant services as well as providing ongoing Shopify support packages where we can give you priority access to our designers and developers to help evolve, update and enhance your Shopify store.

What sectors and industries does Xee Creative's specialise in?

Our clients come from a variety of industries including automotive, fashion, lifestyle and fitness, homeware, jewellery, beauty and personal care.

We don't limit ourselves to any specific industry. If you’re a business that sells online, we'll be more than happy to collaborate and assist you in growing your business.