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Exisitng Shopify Store Audit

Exisitng Shopify Store Audit

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Is your Shopify store getting traffic but not converting? 

Some store owners may use revenues as their primary success metric, but that’s not all, the store needs regular audits to have plenty of additional analytics to get a more comprehensive picture of your store’s health.

We have highly experienced experts who will professionally analyze and audit your shopify store. We will look into your store for smaller details like Favicon to technical things like Search engine optimization (SEO). We will identify your mistakes and tell you what you're doing wrong. We will suggest things that can improve your store conversion dramatically.

Existing Store Audit Service Includes:

  • Analyze Sales volume
  • Speed Optimization
  • A look at your pricing strategy
  • Assessments of visual merchandising and in-store displays
  • Summary of what your competitors are up to
  • In-store location of products
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